The Pie’s the Limit

Are you looking to feed 20 people or more for an event or office party? Whether for business or pleasure, our delicious pizzas are sure to satisfy your hungry crew.

Corporate & Event Catering

We’d love to be part of your event and we’ll help you get everything just right. Please get started with our information form and someone from our team will reach out to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) to help you create the perfect menu for pickup or delivery. For answers to questions like “How many people does a pizza feed?” check out our event order FAQ.


If you know exactly what you want and when you want it, you can also call in your order to your nearest shop:

Please note:
We consider catering orders to be enough to feed over 20 people. For smaller orders, even for a future date, call your nearest shop or order online as usual. If you need your regular order delivered, place your order through DoorDash.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t take reservations but we would still love to host your group! We recommend sending one person from your party ahead to get on the list with the host. We will happily serve you and your group drinks and appetizers while you wait.

We use DoorDash Drive to facilitate all large order deliveries. Please note that DoorDash has an 18-mile radius and charges a $50 fee per delivery, with $15 of that fee going directly to your driver as a tip. We do this to ensure your delivery goes off without a hitch.

Unfortunately not at this time. You can choose to pick up your order or have it delivered via Door Dash Drive.

A large pizza is cut into 8 slices and can feed 3-4 adults or 5-6 kids, depending on how hungry your crowd is. To make more slices, we can also double cut the pie at your request.

A 12” sub feeds 3-4 people, and a 6” sub feeds 1-2.

Yes! Texas law allows for alcohol to-go with take out food orders. We are happy to provide a menu of all our adult beverage offerings.

We promise we’re trying, but we haven’t yet found a recipe that meets our high standards. NY-style pizza depends on gluten for stretching and tossing, so it’s a tall order, but we haven’t given up. We do have gluten free options besides pizza. At the North Loop location we offer classic Buffalo wings. They are served crispy and tossed in a sauce of Frank's Red Hot and butter. We can also make any of our salads gluten free, as well as our Antipasto and Caprese salads. For dessert we suggest Rice Krispy Treats since they’re individually wrapped, come in 2 sizes, and travel well.

We offer our favorite individual bottled sodas: Mexican Coke, Mexican Fanta, Topo Chico, and original Dr Pepper. We also offer fresh-squeezed lemonade and our unsweetened iced tea in bulk containers that serve 8 to 10 guests. Cups, ice, and sweeteners can be included.

Pepperoni and Cheese are always crowd pleasers. Of our Tried and True Pies, our most popular vegetarian pies are the #1 Margherita and the #4 Veggie; and our most popular meat pies are the #6 Sausage, Ricotta, Roasted Red Pepper and the #5 Pepperoni & Mushroom.

For individual servings, the most popular desserts are mini rice krispy treats, mini cannolis, and chocolate chip cookies (note: mini rice krispy treats and mini cannoli are not on our regular menu, only the catering menu). For groups and celebrations, guests most often opt for a whole NY-style Cheesecake.

Our staff works hard to get your order right and out the door on time! We add a 15% service charge to all event orders that is shared among the team.